E-Commerce Solutions

We understand that e-commerce is more than just listing products for sale on a website.  Unfortunately, most "off the shelf" e-commerce packages help you do only that. 


... what about after the sale is made?  

... how do you handle your unique business needs?

... what about order fulfillment?


Custom built systems are way too costly for internet startups, but you know that when selling on the internet you need things to flow smoothly and efficiently without limiting your business because of technology.


So what do you do?


We have developed a full end-to-end e-commerce solution that is fully adaptable to the needs of any business.   The base we have developed is FREE to our customers, who pay only for the customizations to the software that are required for their business requirements.



Currently our base system includes functionality to...


-> integrate with online credit card processing services

-> transact and dynamically price products in many user-selectable currencies

-> manage product inventory, and automatically reorder when necessary

-> provide product options and choices through a simply managed database interface

-> automatically build and manage lists of open orders, past orders, backorders, etc.

-> drop ship products through other vendors and integrate with their systems

-> export customer address data to any online shipping tool

-> automatically email customers through each step of the order / fulfillment process

-> let customers help themselves by providing them with own order status information at any time

-> allow customers to link to courier agency websites to track their shipments in real-time

-> route customer inquiries to the correct person or department within your organization

-> manage product returns and customer service issues

-> evaluate customer satisfaction through automated survey requests and reporting

-> ensure order accuracy through bar coding and scanning using wireless devices

-> mass email past clients or provide them with newsletters

-> provide site usage reports and sales statistics

-> track interest for customers wanting to order soon-to-be-released or backordered products

-> gift certificates & discount codes

-> host a marketing / affiliate program

-> Real-time pager notification of new orders

-> do all the above and much more...


Selling on the internet means global opportunities, however, it also means global competition.  When selling in this new market, you need to be price competitive, have an attractive website, have superior customer service, and fast delivery of goods. 


Our passion for e-business and smart automation enables you to meet all these requirements and be successful in the online marketplace.