Exabit Consulting is proud to have had the opportunity to create "Hospice InfoAnywhere" for not-for-profit Hospice organizations. 


Created using a bottoms-up design approach, this case management system is custom built to standardize and formalize existing and improved work flows while enabling more effective and efficient work from employees.  


These employee productivity gains combined with its decentralized nature, help to save thousands of dollars annually by speeding up and reducing the internal 'paperwork' process, enhancing internal communications and reducing travel times.   Most importantly, these time savings assist Hospice in more quickly delivering its time-critical palliative services to those in need.


The Hospice InfoAnywhere system offers the following features and benefits:


-> InfoAnywhere has been developed for easy use by users with little or no previous computer experience.  This usability of this system is increased by the fact that the online workflow closely emulates (and simplifies) current paper workflows.


-> Stores all information in a central database, making it accessible to all authorized employees at anytime - no more chasing down part time employees for client information in their brief case


-> As a web application, it can be accessed by employees from anywhere - the office, at home or on the road.


-> Fully compliant with the new PIPEDA privacy regulations.


-> Reporting tools are provided to instantly generate accurate and relevant summary information  including data commonly required for government, association and board analysis.


-> Web-accessible email access is provided to expedite communications both within the office and outside, while keeping all users of the system up to date on current activities within the InfoAnywhere system and the Hospice organization.


-> Information is securely stored in an off-site, physically and electronically secured system, and backed up daily to a third physical location.


-> As a hosted turn-key solution, InfoAnywhere requires no internal technical staff, no maintenance or upgrade hassle and no equipment purchases.


-> Detailed documentation, manuals and FAQ (frequently asked questions) are available online at all times.


-> Personalized support is available online or via telephone.


-> On site training as well as telephone, web conferencing and venue based training is available.


-> Priced with not-for-profit budgets in mind


-> As a custom-tailored solution, suggestions for features and functionality that will benefit all users of the system are accepted and are often deployed to all users free-of-charge.


Hospice InfoAnywhere - Helping Hospice Help People