Systems + Networking

For years, Exabit consulting has been helping businesses with their technical support needs.  Our team is experienced in just about every technology used in business today.


We specialize in supporting small to medium sized organizations with 10-100 computers.


Whether you want to maintain the computing infrastructure you already have, expand it or replace it, we have many solutions that are sure to benefit your business.


We offer many levels of support for just about every piece of hardware and software used in business today.  We also offer your business expansion opportunities by offering the installation and configuration of services such as...


-> Internet Connectivity 

Whether you want to add internet access to your network, restrict its access or make it more secure, we are able to help through the implementation of secure and cost effective access, routers, infrastructure and firewalls.


-> File / Resource Sharing and Backup Solutions

Imagine the devastation to your business if the data on one or all of your computers was lost.  Centralized file storage and backup systems can help prevent this disaster from striking your company, not to mention the added conveniences of being able to share files and information with others in your office.


-> Email Communications

Every business now requires email for communication with customers and suppliers.  You need a professional, robust and stable solution for your mail. We can provide this for your business with the implementation of Microsoft Exchange Server.  Or secure your existing mail setup with firewalls, antivirus or anti-spam solutions.


-> Network Design - Local and Remote Networks

With business growing and the requirements to extend information sharing among more of your employees, we offer our network design and installation services.  These services make expanding your network within your office, across the city, or across the world easy and affordable.  


-> Virtual Private Networks

A Virtual Private Network is a secure link between sites across the public Internet. With the availability of inexpensive broadband Internet access, VPNs allow cheap, permanent and secure connections between sites, or secure remote access for employees from home or on the road. We are fully capable of setting up many types of VPNs to meet your needs.


-> Wireless Networks

We offer wireless network design, support, and implementation services, and specialize in securing wireless networks. 


-> Network Security

We can implement a robust, end-to-end security policy for your company, and implement it using the latest security technology. We will eliminate security vulnerabilities, and implement monitoring tools to ensure the ongoing security of your network.